Maintaining Fitness Routines on the Road is Important for Business Travelers

20 April 17

It is well-known that being consistent in your exercise routine involves planning and discipline. The problem with business trips is that they take us out of our routines and into new surroundings, schedules, and even time zones. The good news is that we can help you schedule some exercise into your trip. I mean, don’t we plan everything else when it comes to travel?

The Mayo Clinic encourages exercising on business trips because it can help reduce stress levels. However, you shouldn’t expect to raise your fitness level while traveling, since the combination of an altered diet and irregular sleeping patterns isn’t the best formula for adding length to your run or lifting heavy.

Before you rule out fitness while traveling altogether because of jet lag, just realize that running is believed to help the body adjust to new time zones. Just ask the concierge or front desk at the hotel for safe jogging routes near your hotel, and plan your run for the morning. When you work with us to plan your travel, we can tell you which hotels have gyms or fitness centers, and what each facility offers. However, if you aren’t in a place where there is a gym, consider these exercise methods that are recommended by the Mayo Clinic:

-Bring a jump rope for cardio in your hotel room;

-Do jumping jacks in your hotel room;

-Look up an aerobic workout on your phone and follow along;

-Use your body weight to do exercises such as push ups, planks, and squats;

-Swim in the hotel pool.

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